motivational speaker
motivational speaker

keynote speaker

A True professional keynote speaker, DT takes an intentional and intimate approach to designing each keynote:

Turn audiences into stakeholders by motivating participants to embrace their potential and pursue new possibilities.

Help attendees understand the opportunities and challenges before them, what they need to do to achieve and overcome, and the tools they can use to be successful.

Bring leaders, teams, and organizations together around a new or renewed vision, mission, and purpose.



Resilience is the ability to confidently face challenges, embrace change, recover from setbacks, and bounce back from adversities. In today’s fast-paced environment, increases in stress levels, absenteeism, and lack of engagement require organizations to rethink their approach to supporting and developing their leaders, managers, and staff.


Teamwork is absolutely fundamental for teams to work effectively. Only when the skills and strengths of individual team members are joined with shared goals, and a focus on collective performance, will you start to see the benefits of a team at work.


At times it will get tough, and you will feel like quitting, giving up. Your commitment will be a guide on how to handle the tough times. Your company's unshakeable commitment to achieve its goals collectively is its true strength and power force that can resonate and reside within its culture.