Israel “DT” del toro, jr.

DT’S Story

Through many hardships and tribulations, Sgt. Israel “DT” Del Toro’s life has been defined by absolute devotion to family. From an early age, he was thrust into the role of provider for his four siblings. He was 12 when his father died of a heart attack, and a short time later his mother was killed by a drunk driver. As the oldest of four children, and just a teenager, Israel became the provider for his family. “The last thing he ever told me was promise you’ll always take care of your family,” Del Toro said of his father.

That promise, echoed in another he made his son – that he would never have to grow up without a father – got him through many hard days filled with surgeries, skin grafts and grueling physical therapy. Once given a 15 percent chance of survival, he’s gone on to not only re-enlist in the Air Force, but also set records and win a gold medal at the 2016 Invictus Games. DT has taken the lessons he learned through hardship and recovery and now finds purpose sharing his story and wisdom with audiences around the country in the hopes of helping others find the light in the darkness.